About Liz


I love food and am lucky to be able to work with others who love working with food too and have seen how the food in the UK has developed and changed over the last 27 years.

I started as a cook, had a successful food media career as a food editor in magazines and writing cookbooks and now work as an experienced food consultant who delivers step change strategies for the leading retailers in the UK from idea generation to execution and communication .

I am often labelled as the ‘the food conscience’ of any food business I work with, for my creative and independent food approach, where I act as a food trend leader, innovator and communicator.



Key Milestones in my career

I have worked with some of the most dynamic retail brands and creative personalities in the food business, from multi – million pound grocers to leading lights in food development and earned a track record of delivering impact and measurable results.

Cut my teeth developing my practical culinary skills with Pru Leith CBE-culinary legend and campaigner for good food, cooking for royalty, government and the rich and famous.


As a cook who writes, I created recipes, was a food stylist, wrote articles and features for the pioneering Good Housekeeping magazine, as it revolutionized home cooking in the UK.


Profile raised through a number of TV shows and wrote books including ’50 Sensational Stir Fries’, reflecting new and upcoming trends, headhunted into Asda to revolutionize their food offering.


Helped mould ASDA into a trend driven, quality focused food business from its trading origins, not the least by engendering food skills that allowed ASDA to launch their premium ,highly successful ‘Extra Special’ range.


Successfully delivered my unique team working and motivational workshops for non-food businesses such as Orange Mobile, Elmwood Design and M&S fashion with exceptional results.


In working with a number of high profile food businesses such as Booth’s, Asda - Wal-Mart, Heinz and Marks & Spencer Liz works continually innovates and inspires companies to deliver better of food for their customers.